Touch of Life Energy Healing

Touch of Life energy healing is a new form of healing where the purest light energy independently heals the body and energy field. In the light, there is a wisdom that serves the healed from the highest energy.

The Touch of Life is different from other energy healing techniques because the energy works independently in the healed. We set the energy that we gather from our own lifeline which goes from the heaven’s light-net and the earth’s light-net through our crown chakra to our root chakra.

I still remember the excitement I felt when I heard of the Touch of Life energy healing. I had to attend the course, even if it meant that I had to fly to Helsinki once a month. Our course started in March 2017 and I still have the same excitement in my chest as I had then; I’m in contact with such a great, beautiful, and vital force that I cannot be anything else than excited.

Touch of Life has really touched my life; a lot has been left out and even more new has opened up in my life. This pure light has enabled me to work through the past, painful wounds, and models of behaviour and patterns of thought that no longer support me. I have got rid of harmful and damaging habits, I have found a completely new respect and love toward myself and life.

The light has opened my mind to see the world in a completely new manner; a world that is filled with possibilities, inspiration, love and everything good.

Now I feel much better both physically and spiritually. I face every day and every moment from a stable foundation, filled with faith and trust both in me and the world.

The Touch of Life has brought to my life balance, inspiration, energy, wellbeing and a strong force of love. Each day I can live more wholly a life that looks and feels like me and, I can express myself freely, for example through my blog.

I want to give you the opportunity to experience the same, to experience the wonderful force and the healing energy of the Touch of Life. With joy and love, I offer you the Touch of Life energy healing as a remote treatment. Send me an email at and we can find the perfect moment for the treatment.


1 treatment 20 €
3 treatments 50 €
10 treatments 150 €

With love from love,