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The soul’s story – your story!

I wish to share my writings in a way that will help you and support you in your life. The soul’s story is your story, a beautiful description of your energy, you and your being.

I am very sensitive and this allows me to easily get in touch with energies. Especially the Touch of Life healing work has brought new depth into my energy work, and writing is just one form of realizing this.  I do the writing by being in touch with your energy and the energy field that surrounds you. The writing is a description of you and your soul, a reminder of the wholeness of your being, of what you are. Each text is its own unique self, as all of us are our own unique, individual and beautiful selves.

I wish to combine the best in energy work and writing, and through this bring more love and light into this world. My sincere wish is that through the writing you will again remember who you really are and recognise the complex being you are.

Do you wish to order a writing from me? Email me at adventuresofloveandlight@gmail.com or fill in the form below.

I will do the writing within a week of the order. The cost of one writing is 40 € and I will send you an invoice after your order.

You can also order the Soul’s Story as a gift! Just remember to tell me in the e-mail that the writing will be given as a present.

You can also combine the writing with the Touch of Life energy healing. If you wish to do this, I will first do the treatment for you after which I will sit down to write the Soul’s story. Send me an e-mail and we can set a date for the treatment. The price for the Soul’s story and the treatment is 50 €.

I always send the writing as a separate attachment.

I hope I will hear from you soon!

With love and light,