Becoming whole

Sometimes in order to let go, I think we need to remember. Remember all those small moments that we’ve buried somewhere deep inside. Those memories that once were the happiest moments and now just seem part of a distant past. Those memories we’re scared that will hurt.

Because in the end, when remembering, they don’t really hurt. They come back to you, with full force and you find yourself happy that you’ve experienced so much. Happy because of everything you’ve seen and felt, the air you’ve breathed, the people who have touched you, the places you’ve stepped your feet on.

In order to be whole we cannot shut down parts of ourselves, we cannot hide from the past, we cannot run away from the pain, hurt, joy or love we’ve experienced. We carry all we’ve ever experienced within us and to be whole we need to let everything surface. All of it, the tiniest things, that might not even seem that big, and the big things that we’re scared will shatter us.

In order to be whole, we need to accept ourselves as we are, with what we are. We need to accept all those memories, those moments that are no longer here. We need to accept that they’re in the past. And, when we do accept we’ll find peace. Peace with the past, peace with ourselves.

Finding peace makes us whole, it ties together everything that has been and suddenly breathing gets easier. We’re done carrying the past on our shoulders. We’ve looked the past in the eye and now can see it, accept it, be at peace with it. Acceptance is sort of a cleanse, it’s a trip down memory lane, but it’s also a path of letting go.

When we do let go, when we accept what has been, it’s also easier for us to accept what is. It’s suddenly possible to stand in this moment with full force, all that we are. It’s possible to step into our power, to step into this moment and live life as it appears.

Live life as it appears instead of what we wish it would be. Live life fully present in each moment, because we’re freed from the past and open for the future. We’re in this moment and we have everything in this moment. We’re whole and everything is possible. Everything. In each moment.

With love,

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