New beginnings

Letting go of what doesn’t work for you seemed to be the theme of 2018. Now 2019 is here, more than a new year, a new time. A freer, lighter and more open time and this new energy seems to demand acting. Acting upon ideas, truly living what is right for you.

Translating the posts from Finnish has for me felt both difficult and forced. As if something vital is lost in the translation process. As if I’m forcing something to be what it isn’t. As if I’m turning something sacred into something halfhearted. The translations don’t really convey the pureness, light and love of the original texts and somehow the English page of Adventures of Love and Light very quickly became uncomfortable for me.

So, I decided that the English site needs something worthy of itself, it needs original texts. No more translations, only writings that are meant to be in English. Words that come from somewhere deep within, messages that need to enter this world. Writings that are fully present and real at this moment.

Because for me writing is sacred. The words that come out float out with force. They circle around in my head until I sit down and let them out. They ask to be delivered, they demand to be printed out. For me, writing is a natural process, a healing moment, a way to live. Writing has always been my escape, safe haven, my own personal peace.

From now on you’ll get original texts in both English and Finnish. Writings written mindfully, with intuition, in love, with love and from love. Words that sparkle in the light, that are light. Messages that hopefully will help you realize what a beautiful creature you are. Messages that will remind you of the light being you are.

This new time will fiercely demand us to live our own life, walk our own path, listen to our own heart. It will force us to step into our own power and act from that power as enlightened beings. For me, this new time starts with a lot of changes, decisions, focus points. To begin with this, original writings in English. More art. More space. More focus on being present in me, my body, with all my consciousness. Being present fully, as the whole being I am.

I’m looking forward to this new time and everything it brings. I’m looking forward to sharing this journey, adventure, and to hear what kind of journeys you are on. Because sharing is power. Togetherness is strength, it’s love and light.

With love,

P.S. Are you already on the Love list? I send out a love letter once a month, a letter filled with stories, realizations, love, joy and much more. You can sign up for the love letter here.

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