I choose to live my dreams

Every day I understand better and better that the journey towards my dream life is a journey into myself, and that my dream life is here and now. The thoughts of someday, sometime, when there is time, when there is energy, disappeared somewhere far away. Not all dreams can be made true right here and now, but I am making my dreams true as much as this moment allows. I choose in this moment to do, create and follow my heart instead of seeing the obstacles and problems that stand in the way of my dreams.

Every day I choose my dreams, and through this choice, doors have opened. Doors that I could not even imagine before. Every day I choose my dreams instead of choosing the things that do not allow my dreams. I choose to sit down and write, even if the moment is not ideal. I choose to turn off my phone and paint for hours. I choose to wake up early and meditate in the mornings. Every moment I choose to make life into one where I feel good, a life that supports me, that allows me to live a life that reflects my true being. I choose, in this moment, to do the things that bring me joy and goodness.

The more I live my dreams, the more I seem to have space to live them out. The tiniest thing can suddenly allow a number of other things, can inspire something bigger, remind of old ideas and give them new life. It feels like by fulfilling myself I am creating a small snowball that then rolls down the hill and grows to something humongous. Doing creates space, creating opens up and gives time. Time to live one’s dream life. Every moment.

I need to choose only one thing each day that I wish to do, that I dream of, that supports my dreams. One thing, a small moment, when I give myself space. When I unconditionally and fully choose myself. Without noticing, these small things grow. Suddenly I am barely patient enough to sleep because I am already so excited about tomorrow. Tomorrow and choosing myself, fulfilling my dreams, living.

Maybe a dream life is exactly that, living. Living fully, present, open and with feeling. Choosing dreams and choosing yourself, is choosing life. Your own life, no one else’s. A life that is filled with joy, grief, breaking, opening up, love, light and adventure. A life that looks and feels like oneself, where there is good to live because you get to be exactly as you are. You allow yourself to be you and you allow your own dreams. You believe in them, you trust in them. You believe and trust in yourself, in that you can. That life carries and your own dreams carry even further.

Every day I remember to stop in this moment and see all the great things, which I already have. Every day I remember to choose myself, my dreams, I do the things I dream of. And, slowly, every day, I have more and more space to live a life that looks exactly like me. My dream life. Because I choose it, here and now, first a little and then with my whole being.

With love,

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