The freedom of not knowing

Autumn slowly moved into winter. The trees are standing naked against the grey sky and the crisp air tickles bare skin. Christmas lights seemed to appear overnight to shine light into the city where darkness falls every day earlier and earlier. A lot has happened, yet life seems to follow its stable track, float by, asking to step into its stream. Without planning and thinking, just trusting its way.

Sometimes you wish to know what the future holds, what meanings this moment carries. Sometimes you sit and question everything, you wish to separate from the moment and see the big picture. You wish for a sign telling that everything really has its purpose. When looking for answers you often lose yourself, this moment, life. You get attached to your thoughts and let life go by unnoticed.

After my morning meditation, I realized that it is already the end of November. I was awoken to life here and now and a gentle excitement and curiosity rose in me. Curiosity towards life, its rollercoaster, its constant stream. The need to know about the future seemed to have disappeared and instead of plans, I was looking into freedom.

There lies great freedom in not knowing. When nothing is certain, everything is possible. I was admiring this thought and all the many paths I can walk. My heart became light and my energy flowed once again more freely. Without noticing I had let go of forcing things and now I was able to see how allowing creates opportunities. How freedom feeds freedom. How strong the life force is if you do not stand in its way.

Sometimes, you want to know what the future holds for you. You seek for answers and forget how big of a gift not knowing is. How uncertainty of the future allows life to bloom and plant seeds into the most wonderful places.

Sometimes it is better to allow uncertainty and direct all energy into this moment. What do you want to do in this moment, what does your heart beat for and what makes your soul dance out of joy? Hold on to that and see how you open up, how your heart opens up, to life, to adventure, to a thousand possibilities. See how you can live each moment following your heart and soul. How does your life path look, what kind of a pearlband of dreams is born when you in every moment choose to act from your heart?

With love,





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