Allowing feelings is allowing life

By allowing your emotions, you allow yourself. By giving space to your feelings, you give space to yourself. You give space for love. We live in a world where feelings are hidden and pressed down. They are avoided, covered and something to be ashamed of. We live in a world where it is rare to witness something real, raw, naked, and so we walk, carrying worlds within ourselves. Worlds, that we let no one see, worlds that we turn our own gaze away from. We live in a hard world, which so very much would need a release from that hardness, a step toward softness, a step toward life.

When we do not allow ourselves to feel, we shut down a part of us. When we do not allow our emotions, we suffocate our energy, push it down, instead of letting it float freely. And those feelings that we press down stay in us, they live on in us as cuts, grief and shameful experiences we do not want to face. They live in us, create walls, appear as pain spots in our bodies, work as armour and blocks against the outer world. They minimize our lifeforce, eat away our life instead of helping us to live. Instead of showing us our own power, letting us free to experience life, in all its forms.

So, let yourself feel. Let yourself love, let yourself dance with the sun rays. Find your sensitivity, find your inner child and let her voice be heard. You do not need to constantly control yourself or to be careful. Careful of yourself and your feelings. Let go and dive into the darkness when it steps into your life, allow darkness. Allow darkness in yourself. Study the darkness, wonder about it. Find light in it, a starry sky you can admire. Listen to the voices of the night, the messages of your own heart, let them out, let them echo in the dark. Allow the first rays of the sun, the miracle of a new morning. Allow the dew drops, the slowly opening buds. Allow your tears, let them float freely, like the rain. Let your cloud empty itself, let yourself roar like thunder, strike like a lightning. Let yourself experience. Experience life. Experience and live your feelings.

Let the storms pass and peace blow through you. Hope. Joy. Allow the paradoxes of life, the rain and the sun and admire the rainbow you created. Let yourself, even in the middle of the biggest grief, to feel joy and excitement. Allow sadness even when you are happier than ever. Let your feelings float through you. Freely. Openly. You do not need reasons or explanations for your feelings, you do not need to justify them. Your feelings, no matter what they are, are very true and real. Give them space. Even when you are scared, even when you feel like falling apart. Let yourself fall apart, be broken. Slowly you will realise that there was nothing broken in you. You are whole, perfect, with all your experiences and feelings.

Please remember this. Promise that you will let yourself live wild and free, that you let yourself feel and experience. Fully, without boundaries. Promise you will let your energy float freely, give yourself space to be free. To be yourself. An emotional, sensitive, strong creature. Because that is life, that is living to the fullest.

With love,

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