Surrender to yourself

When you let go of what you would need, should, and would have to. When you fully dive into the stream of life and this moment. You find balance. You find the sound of your heart and in each moment you can fully embody its messages. When you follow your heart, when you dive into oneness, a vast energy moves through you and from this energy an immense joy is released.

An immense joy to do, create, live. An immense joy to breathe, love, surrender. Surrender to oneself, the world, your life mission. An immense joy of being. An immense joy of the love that is everywhere around us.

When you are present in yourself and in your own power all your inhibitions disappear, walls go down and a vast world of possibilities opens up in front of you. A world that transports you forward. A world, that beats in the same rhythm as you. A world that dances with you in jubilation. A world that blooms from your every touch.

Sit down, dive into your feelings, allow them surface, to be seen. Allow yourself to be seen, to express everything you experience within you. Let everything pour out of you, until the last drop. Until you are empty, a fiery emptiness filled with love. Step into that love and you once again feel life move in your body, the beat of your heart all the way in your toes.

Step into love. Choose love. Because there is nothing else. Everything else is just an illusion, which you have created in your life. Which your surroundings have planted in you, let grow in you. Let go of all of that and look at yourself. Know yourself, all of you. See the beauty you are. The light-being that shines through your skin. Experience life in every moment fully from love and in love.

Let go and surrender. To everything that tumults inside of you, weighs you down, tightens your face and makes your muscles go tense. Surrender to everything that breaks you, to everything that makes you alive and joyous. Surrender to everything in you and see what is beneath that all. Surrender and understand. Understand yourself, your feelings, your entirety. Accept yourself, all of you, and the world as it is. Surrender. Understand. Accept. And dive into life.

Give yourself permission to live, truly live and feel the world as everything you are. You do not need anything else, you do not have to anything else. Nothing. Just to be, as you are, in each moment, as the loving, wonderful creature you are.

With love,




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