Live in Love

I float up, I float down. I am fully present in myself, I am fully present in this moment. I can feel energy floating in me, in my body, around me. I can see how it takes form in front of me, fades away behind me, how massive it is in each moment. Each action I do wholly, surrendering to the stream, to life, to each breath. And in this stream rests peace, lives the power of life. From this stream, we come and in this stream is everything. I am this stream, I melt into it, I am the universe. The starry sky, the wavy ocean, the earth. I am you, we are one. We beat the same lifebeat, we are the same streaming water. We are pure light energy, love. We are the universe.

It is a choice to be in this state of connection and oneness. A choice which we often forget, shut out form our mind, lose out of sight. But, when something reminds us of this state of love we drown into it. We surrender to ourselves, to the universe. We are oneness.

In this state of love, all curtains disappear and you see life clearly, you see yourself clearly, the universe. You know exactly what to do in each moment. You know, you walk guided by your heart and you can unconditionally trust the stream of life. In oneness you are your strongest, you are completely in your own power, in your original state, in yourself. You are the source of the beginning, the universe’s life force.

In this state, you know. No questions, no problems, no doubts. You live every moment and action so completely that there is no space for anything else. From this state dreams are created, soul’s plans are walked, life is created, worlds are built, magic is made. In this state, the lowest states of humanity disappear, and you glow like a god. All of the universe’s energy floats in you.

The universe’s energy floats through you each moment, in every breath you are oneness – whether you realise this or not.

So, our beloved child, let go and stop. Surrender. Dip your toes into the lifestream and feel how life streams in your veins. Feel how you are life, alive. Feel your power, your true being. Give yourself the permission to act from this state of consciousness and see how all things unnecessary disappear. See how magnificent life is. Feel love and live it, nothing else needs to be done.

Join the oneness as a conscious being. Live in love, from love. Carry your strength and beauty proudly on your shoulders. Let your light shine and the world bathe in love.

With love from love,





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