Creative times

The past weeks I have been living through a strong creative process. Like a hurricane, I have from one moment to the other craved a pen or brush in my hand. Ideas have been born with such a pace that I have barely been able to follow them. It has felt very important to focus on this creative process. To let everything out.

To let words and shapes take form on paper. Without thinking, without doubting, releasing everything that is coming out. Everything I feel inside. This process has been compelling, has asked me to let everything else go for a moment and only focus on creating. To let inspiration float freely and to start working on the ideas that have merged from somewhere deep within.

During breaks, I have turned to nature and to exercise. Trying to stay in my body. Trying to release everything from within through my body. Pushed my body to its limits and felt joy about being alive.

At times I have felt crazy. The inner fire to do and to create is so strong that everything that I do not really need in my life, what does not serve me at this moment, has been pushed aside. This has also awakened some disharmony; the human in me experiences that some things just have to be done, executed, they are obligations.

This time something deep within my heart has asked to trust. To trust in this process, to dive into this process. Without questioning what it brings. I do not know where this creating takes me, what kind of fruit it bears, if any. All I know is that now I have to listen to myself and follow the voice of my heart. No matter how crazy or stormy it might seem.

Today I woke up very tired. Calm, secure, but tired. Still joyful and inspired, but calmer than for a while. A lot of new is coming, a lot of which I feel important at this moment.

The blog turns one year in October, and this past year I celebrate by making changes, additions and new conquests. I step into the next year of Adventures of Love and Light with excitement, slight nervousness, but with trust in my heart. I step into the next face of my creativity, growth and development. I hope that you will take this step with me, into yet a new time.

With love,


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