Hello world!

For a long time now, maybe from the beginning, I have been asked to write in English. I have been thinking about it but stuck to writing in Finnish. It felt homey, easy, right. Even if I have not lived in Finland for a few years, even if I mainly use English in my daily life, in writing Finnish has felt like the right language. The language I know through and through and feel comfortable with. But, they do say adventure starts when you get out of your comfort zone, so here we are.

I do not know where the decision to create the blog also in English came from, but here it is. Writing in two languages might be the most natural thing to me, I have lived with more than one language all my life.

So, hello world! I will share my thoughts and revelations with joy to you. I will share stories of my life, feelings from my daily life, my journey toward a dream life, even though I feel that I am at least partly already living a dream life.

What does not make it to the blog, will be shared on Instagram, so go and say hi there too. You can read more about me here and about what I offer you here. If you have questions or other thoughts, you wished to share with me do not hesitate to send me a message. Sharing is after all what makes this world so beautiful.

Welcome, you beautiful soul, to follow the adventure of love and light, to follow my adventure in this world.

With love form love,

P.S. Remember to join the love list, I send out a love letter once a month!

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