Every morning I choose peace

I wake up and can feel hurry run down my spine, I can feel my muscles clench and my mind already planning every moment of the day. My stomach aches when I think of everything I have to do today. It would be easy to drop into the depth of the mind, it would be easy to live a busy life. Instead, I sit down and breathe. Breathe deeply until I can feel my spine strong and secure again. I breathe until my shoulders drop down and my muscles relax. I am imagining how all worry, stress and hurry just float out of me. I breathe deeply until I can feel my stomach calming down. I sit and breathe until I find peace within me.

In this blissful peace, I do not need to do or be anything I am not. I have everything I need, I have all the time in the world, I am free to be myself, without hurry or expectations. This feeling of deep peace brings trust, trust in life and an understanding of that everything is exactly how it is supposed to be.

I am present in this moment, I feel my body all the way from my toes to the top of my head, I can feel my every cell. I am present, my breath floats freely and my mind quiets down. In this moment there are no demands or expectations, this moment is perfect as it is. I live this deep peace and from this deep peace, I can see myself and the world as they are. I can act from the peace, listening to my own, truthful, needs. I can act in a way that brings me a good and loving feeling. In this moment I can act from pure love and spread good vibrations everywhere around me.

Every morning I choose peace. I sit and breathe until the last feeling of tension and demand leaves me and my body. I sit and breathe until I can feel a complete calm in me and around me. In this space and moment, I understand that also today everything is possible, as long as I let go of my expectations and give life space to show itself in its full power.

By letting go of the mind’s demands I find peace. By letting go I start my day from a blank slate and as myself. I start my day filled with possibilities and trust. Breathing takes me to peace and in peace, is this moment, which is everything I have and need.

With love,


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