Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom

I am watching the trees through the window. How they are already starting to look naked with their formerly green leaves now lying yellow on the ground, covering the green grass beneath them. I am imagining how the tree lets go if its leaves as if it was letting go of something that has already been and turns into itself to prepare for a new time. I imagine how the tree stands proud and naked in the cold wind, how she dives deep into the earth following her roots. I can envision the great life force that flows beneath the earth, the place where the tree’s roots meet a massive vivid network. As if, the tree would let go of everything external just to dive deep into her roots, her source, where she is a part of a grand network.

I feel that it is time for me as well to drop my leaves, let go of my masks and stand naked, as my own self on this earth. It is my time to stop at myself and to turn inside, follow my roots all the way to my source. To be able to reach toward the heights when spring arrives, I first must take care of having a strong foundation to stand upon. I feel that it is time for me to get to know my origins and find within me that great worldwide network. The network to which I am connected, with which I am constantly interacting.

By truly facing myself, I can again face the world. By finding pure love within me, I can again love others. By accepting myself, I also accept others. So, it is once again time to stop, to free the roles I have built for myself and see myself as I truly am. To strengthen and understand my roots so that I can stand in the world secure, free and allowing. To stand in the world as myself.

Maybe we too, as nature and as a part of nature, should turn into ourselves when the winds of change blow. To be able to step into something new we first must peel ourselves from everything old, we need to drop our yellowing leaves and stand naked and honest. We need to dig deep within our soul and find ourselves. Because to be able to reach out toward the stars we first need to have strong roots that keep us in balance.

With love,

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