I have now for a long time felt that I need to do exactly what feels right in this moment. I have been wondering, pondering, planning, and asking for help. I’ve been describing my own dream life, written down how my dream day would look like. In my dreams I would use my days to creative work, I would write and paint in beautiful surroundings. I would truly be what I am. This way I would feel more balanced, light and meaningful than I do at the moment. Because right now, the last months, I have felt terrible frustrations over the fact that I am not doing what feels right deep within.

After a retreat in October, I was awoken to my own reality; nothing stops me from living my dream here and now. I can live my dream life even in this moment and focus on the things that bring me joy and feel right.

This is how Adventures of Love & Light started to form. From fragments, I managed to build a channel through which I can share what I experience in my life.

With great joy, I welcome you to read my thoughts about life and to follow my journey toward my dream life. Join me on the wonderful adventure of love and light!

With love,

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